Herbagra Review – How Does It Work?

Herbagra is a natural sexual enhancement pill that can also be used by women too. On top of being a sexual enhancement supplement, this product can equally be used as a dietary supplement. Most male enhancement pills that can be used for women as well do not get the greatest reviews from men because they consider it not as effective as it can be. Another problem that is revolving around this product is that the ingredient list doesn’t reveal everything that is used in the formula.

The ingredients that are listed for Herbagra appear to be completely natural and free of adverse side effects. Some of the key ingredients are Epimedium and Herba Cistanches. While Epimedium is proven to be effective with male enhancement, Herba Cistanches has yet to be deemed effective in sexually enhancing men and women. Recent studies have shown something that is alarming to consumers that have tried this enhancement pill. Large traces of Sildenafil Citrate have been discovered being used in Herbagra. This ingredient used in prescription male enhancement pills, it is also known for causing numerous different side effects. This is a dangerous ingredient to put into a male enhancement pill that is advertised as all natural and safe.

The formula works similar to many male enhancement supplements. It uses ingredients that promote blood circulation throughout the body to enable men to achieve erections whenever they are aroused. It also uses “natural Chinese herbs” to boost sex drive and stamina. In women, this is supposed to equally drive blood to the vaginal areas to promote stimulation and greater sensation during intercourse. The basis of this pill in theory should work, but many consumers, both male and female have claimed the results have been lack luster.

It is hard to trust a company like Herbagra because of the recent findings of dangerous ingredients in their formula. It is also hard to believe this enhancement pill can work for both men and women equally, considering men and women are very different sexually. Many consumers have had nothing good to say about taking these pills, and many have also experienced mild side effects thanks to the use of Sildenafil Citrate. If you are in the market for a male enhancement pill that works, you should probably avoid Herbagra unless you are willing to risk side effects. It is also best to find male enhancement pills that are directed solely for men, and not for both men and women.

Does Provestra Really Work? An Uncensored and Unrestricted Review on Its Disadvantages

I have been asking the question “Does provestra really work?” for more times than I could ever care to count when I was in my lowest point in life.

As a nurse, I knew I could treat my low libido problem with medicines and expensive treatments but I decided to go all natural. Follow along and I will tell you about it.

I must warn you though; this short review will cover the good things as well as the bad ones. So if you’re not looking for this kind of review, you might as well be better off moving along.

When I was at my all time lowest point in life, the problem of having low female libido really affected me to the point of having at least an inch away from having marital break-up. I knew my family, my future and my kids will be affected so I finally decided to do something about it.

I researched the internet and print magazines for female libido enhancers. I tried a brand called Hersolution which was a gel, but it wasn’t that effective. I also tried a product called Nymphomax which I blamed for my subsequent headaches. Along the way, I tested five products and none of them was effective enough.

I was about to give up on everything. I was so desperate that I asked my senior colleagues about my problem and ask them for advice. One of them, a Filipino nurse colleague of mine recommended Provestra.

After a couple of days using it, I really noticed the huge difference in my mood. I was always “game”. When my husband and I tried doing it the first time after a few weeks of disengagements, he was surprised to say the least. The change in me was dramatic, on and off the bedroom.

So here are some downsides of this product:

-It should have been better if it came in smaller tablets. This product came in a rather large pill which made me get a half filled glass of water each time I take it.

-Although on a personal level, I would’ve wanted Provestra to be much more advertised so more women will know about it. All women should be spared from the burden I once had.

– It should have come in bigger packs. I wanted to get a bigger pack that can last for at least 3 months, but they don’t have it. So stacking your supplies ahead of time will be wise.

ABIM Exam Review: How to Work Up Hirsutism

Hirsutism is excessive androgen-dependent body or facial hair that is present in females. Six main causes of hirsutism that can be tested on the ABIM Internal Medicine Board Exam include:

  • Idiopathic hirsutism
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Cushing’s disease
  • Adrenal carcinoma
  • Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH)

Idiopathic hirsutism is a diagnosis of exclusion (when all of the above causes of hirsutism have been ruled out).

Basically, hirsutism workup is broken down into conditions with high testosterone level or high 17 OH steroid (DHEA-S) levels. First we will discuss the conditions with high testosterone levels:

High testosterone level conditions that cause hirsutism:

  • PCOS
  • Ovarian cancer

Patients with PCOS will have high testosterone levels but will also have an LH:FSH ratio that is elevated (usually more than 3:1).

Ovarian cancer will have extremely high testosterone levels. The diagnosis of ovarian cancer can be made by doing a trans-vaginal ultrasound or CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis to look for an ovarian mass.

High 17 OH steroid (DHEA-S) levels that causes hirsutism:

  • Cushing’s disease
  • Adrenal carcinoma
  • Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH)

With Cushing’s disease, the problem lies in the anterior pituitary. This will lead to elevated DHEA-S levels, increased ACTH levels, and increased cortisol levels

With Adrenal carcinoma, the problem lies in the adrenal gland. This obviously will lead to increased DHEA-S levels. There will also be increased cortisol levels in patients with adrenal carcinoma. The increased cortisol from the adrenal carcinoma will have a negative feedback on the anterior pituitary, which will lead to a suppressed ACTH level.

With CAH, the main enzyme that is deficient is 21 beta hydroxylase. With this enzyme being deficient, production of cortisol is decreased. Since cortisol level is decreased, the negative feedback mechanism to the anterior pituitary will be to have increased ACTH levels. Obviously DHEA-S levels will be elevated. Additionally, patients with CAH will have elevated 17 OH progesterone levels.

High yield fact to remember for the ABIM Internal Medicine Board Exam: Adrenal adenoma does NOT produce elevated DHEA-S levels; therefore, it is NOT a cause of hirsutism. It, however, does share some similar properties of adrenal carcinoma and some similar properties of CAH. Like adrenal carcinoma, adrenal adenoma will have increased cortisol levels and a suppressed ACTH level due to the negative feedback to the anterior pituitary. Like CAH, adrenal adenoma will have elevated 17 OH progesterone levels.

This is the basic workup of hirsutism that is required to know for the ABIM Internal Medicine Board Exam.