Zrii Juice Review – Hype Juice Scam Or Not?

Just Another Scam Juice Elixir…

or Does Zrii Juice Stand Up To The Hype?

I had one Zrii sales independent associate call me on a cold call on my business line that is specifically for my wellness clients and she started to act like a telemarketer. I have checked out the Zrii company based out of Utah and saw a lot of hype in their videos and way of doing business, so I decided to check them out and give them an honest review.

The popularity of “exotic juice” seems to really be growing. For example, there are over 1000 different Noni Juice companies out there. You can buy Noni Juice or Mangosteen Juice from even your local Costco family shopping store. There are new juice companies popping up on the internet every month. I have actually tried most of the juices out there. Are all these juice companies scams? Or are they the next cure to everything that ails you?

Which one is the best? Or all they all just out to get into your wallet?

The Zrii Business

I will not go into how Zrii CEO Bill Farley led Fruit of the Loom into bankruptcy and how he was fired by Fruit of the Loom’s board of directors right before he started up this new juice company. Everybody makes mistakes and can learn from them.

It appears that the current focus of Zrii is on

1) The seven key ingredients (which are watered down by the primary ingredients, the grape and pear juices), and

2) The income opportunity.

So is Zrii Amalaki Juice a Scam based on nothing more than making a dollar at the “expense” of someone else? They may sell overpriced juice, but they do sell a real product, so they are not a scam. Although if you are looking for a home business that you can do from home or online, I would not recommend them. It seems that you have to recruit a lot of people before you start getting enough income to be able to live on. It can also cost around $2000 to start with the top business package, so it is a little expensive and hard to convince people to join for a “juice”. It is never recommended to join a Network Marketing company within the first 2 years since 80% of NM companies fail in their first two years.

Since I post a lot of articles on health and wellness, I had one Zrii Independent Executive (IE) distributor sales associate call me with an unsolicited cold call to pitch her Zrii businesss opportunity to me. Before I knew it, she went right into the compensation plan. I asked how she found my phone number and she said she was using Google to search for phone numbers of people to call, searching specifically for people in other companies. When I tried to ask her for more information, she hung up on me! She had called from a blocked caller number, so I could not report her to Zrii for a SPAM phone call.

So if your idea of “working from home” and the internet is cold calling people who never even asked for information… then by all means, go join Zrii. But if you are like me, and you have some self respect and value your time and you are looking for a way to help and serve others, while creating significant residual income that you can live on, then visit my site at the bottom of this article and give me a call and ask what I do.

The Zrii Juice Product

Zrii doesn’t list its “nutrition facts” label on the website!

They have flashy videos and promise of money, but no ingredients? How do you compare the actual contents of the juice? Sure, the Zrii corporate website lists the “featured” ingredients — Amalaki, Ginger, Turmeric, Tulsi, Schizandra, Jujube and Haritaki, but they do not tell you how much of each and they don’t even tell you about the primary ingredients being

o Apple juice

o Pear juice

o Pomegranate juice

This had my hype warning going

I had to order a bottle of the Zrii Amalaki juice in order to see the other main ingredients (cheap filler juices), but still, even the label on the bottle conveniently does not reveal how much of each fruit is in the bottle. A little fishy…

What does Zrii Amalaki Juice taste like?

When I tasted the Zrii juice, it tasted like sour cool-aid with extra sugar.

I personally have no huge problems against “juices”.

I mean, hey, I enjoy a nice glass of V8 vegetable juice from time to time. But I see some problems with this company. They may have something good, but I see a money – driven company with another expensive apple juice product that they are trying to peddle.

* Problem – WATER. When you buy a juiced product, you are paying a lot for WATER as one of the main ingredients.

* Problem – OXIDATION. The minute you open the seal on a juice, it begins to oxidize… but many of these companies suggest putting their exotic juice in the refrigerator and consuming it over the period of SEVERAL DAYS or even longer!

* Problem – PASTEURIZATION. Most of the beneficial nutrients are destroyed in the heat process of pasteurization of the juice.

* Problem – SUGAR. A High pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) test is a scientific test using a chemist machine that will give an exact breakdown of the molecules in a product. Most juices out there that have been tested on a HPLC, have been found to have fructose (sugar) as the primary compound. Sugar may not necessarily even have been added as an ingredient, but the fruits were naturally high in sugar.

* Problem – OUTRAGEOUS PRICE. When 4 bottles of Zrii juice cost around $120, I begin to wonder how much the price of apple juice has risen to.

But The Two Biggest Problems…

The two biggest problems as pointed out by some experts, are (1) deadly changes in PH level of blood suggested by Dr. Young, and (2) as pointed out by Natural News author Mike Adams… overly hyped “exotic” fruits that only seem exciting since the average consumer may not know anything about it. It may not be any different than just drinking apple juice or pear juice.

1. For the complete FREE report on PH blood changes and exotic juices:

Dr Young on why “Mangosteen, Noni, Goji, Xango, Thia-Go, G3 are ALL Acidic and Detrimental to Health”

2. From reading the article from Natural News by Mike Adams called “Review: Zrii Juice and the Chopra Center – Does it Stand Up to the Hype?” I found that he had some issues also with the nutrition of the product. His review is a little more in depth on the nutrition. He even mentions how the Zrii bottles are plastic and questions whether or not they contain the toxic chemical Bisphenol-A as most plastics do. He complains about how the “primary ingredients (the apple juice, pear juice and pomegranate juice) are NOT organic” and may contain pesticides. He complains about the price, the slightly deceptive marketing, and even calls the product “DEAD, cooked plants mixed in a base of processed grape and pear juice”. Adams goes on to say that by the small amount of good ingredients in the juice, that the product is “an insult to genuine Ayurvedic medicine” and he cannot figure out why the Chopra Center would want to mess up their reputation by being affiliated with this Zrii juice.

Do Your Research Before Using Zrii

Zrii was not for me. I found an alternative that shows more promise in many ways. You will want to do your own research if you are looking into the Zrii juice or Zrii business opportunity.

I did a lot of research before finding the right company and supplement that I now use on a daily basis with a real noticeable difference in my energy and wellness. And just by sharing it with others… I get a nice residual income that my family can live off of, and I don’t have to go work a regular “JOB”.

ProVanax Review – Eliminate Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia

If you have stress in your life, you may be prone to anxiety, depression, panic attacks and insomnia. To learn about a highly effective remedy that treats all of these symptoms at once, read this ProVanax review.

ProVanax is a 100% natural supplement designed to balance and optimize the hormones in the body that are related to mood and stress management. It provides the particular nutrients your brain needs to heal the stress and to feel great again, and has been rated the “#1 stress management supplement”.

It is considered a safe and natural substitute to prescription medications like Prozac, Xanax and Valium, and does not have the unpleasant side effects, addiction and nasty withdrawal symptoms associated with these drugs.

ProVanax has over 690 studies demonstrating how effective it is and is endorsed by the medical industry.

How Does It Work?

ProVanax uses a cutting edge technology known as “tri-mode”. It targets all three signs of stress – anxiety, depression and poor sleep all at the same time. This technology provides a synergistic blend of specific nutrients in a way that optimizes the benefits and results you get, while minimizing and eliminating negative side effects.

Many products target only anxiety, sleeplessness or depression one at a time, but Provanax works to eliminate all of them together. This is important, because these conditions are all related to each other.

Here is what the ProVanax supplement is scientifically proven to do:

  1. It Increases Dopamine; an anti-aging hormone that provides a feeling of elation, improves energy and sex drive and improves your memory.
  2. It balances Serotonin levels; the neurotransmitter that lifts your mood and enhances sleep patterns.
  3. It reduces Cortisol levels;  the hormone that controls your stress reaction.
  4. It enhances Deep R.E.M SLEEP; a healthy amount of REM sleep makes you feel more in balance and enhances your ability to cope with stress. It lets you stay wide awake rather than groggy.

The manufacturers of ProVanax offer a one Year 200% Satisfaction Guarantee that’s NOT matched by any other supplement manufacturer! That is how certain the company is that this remedy will be effective for you – as long as you use the product correctly.

Nobody has reported any negative effects, and it does not cause negative reactions with other medicines. Most of the ingredients used in this remedy have been used for about 50 years and have been proven safe. They do not cause addictions or bad withdrawal.

User reviews on the company website suggest that Provanax is very effective for a variety of people suffering from different forms of stress and it’s associated symptoms. Because this product has more 590 studies showing its effectiveness, and because you get a one year 200% money back guarantee, ProVanax is definitely worth giving a try.

Book Review of "Make ‘Em Laugh" by Laurence Maslon and Michael Kantor

Make ‘Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America. [Hardcover]

by Laurence Maslon and Michael Kantor

384 pages, $45.00

ISBN-10: 0446505315


Review by Steven King, MBA, MEd

Who doesn’t love a good joke? Television programs and radio specials have proven one thing: people love to laugh. It has long been contended that laughter is the best medicine. Laughing, or at least finding the humor in not-so-obvious places, drives us all. As Mark Twain famously opined, “Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.”

Laurence Maslon and Michael Kantor have written a phenomenal book in Make ‘Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America, which is a companion to the PBS series by the same name. In their introduction, these two witty authors assert that they are on a quest to discover what has made America laugh for the past 100 years – and, more importantly – why. In about 365 pages, you’ll read why comedy has exploded in America in about five decades. It is refreshing to read a close dissection of comedy and the comedians who made us collectively laugh.

Masterfully divided, these two comedy surgeons have something for everyone (and every age, too), whether you define comedy as the zany antics of Lucille Ball; the parody of Billy Crystal; or the comic mastery of Robin Williams. Perhaps the most refreshing read, however, deals with their analysis of comedians from yesteryear: such as W.C. Fields and Charlie Chaplin.

During your meanderings through this book, you will unveil interesting facts:

* Charlie Chaplin’s salary with Mutual Film Corporation was $670,000 in 1916, making him the highest paid performer in human history.

* Jim Carrey, whose comic brilliance approaches gargantuan proportions, was originally part of a sitcom that tanked in 1984 called The Duck Factory.

* Carol Burnett broke into comedy by wooing President Eisenhower’s Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles, with a song professing her adoration of him.

The lore contained in this book will keep any trivia buff enthralled for a long time.

You won’t read this masterpiece in one sitting, it’s too big – table book big. Instead, you’ll read it in bite-size portions, maybe three to six pages at a time. In that way, you’ll get a very thorough look at comedy and the personalities behind it. Who knows? Maybe liberal readings of this book will prove the maxim that laughter truly is the best form of medicine.

It’s sprinkled with jokes, too. You won’t stop laughing…