A Review of the Newlife Malaysia Multi Level Marketing Company

Newlife Malaysia was was originally started by Dr. Lynn Tan and Mr. C.K. Tan. Dr. Lynn Tan got motivated to start this company because she was very good at sports when she was younger and very health conscious. She even participated in many State Wide Sports Tournaments in Malaysia. But at the young age of 19 her health started failing and no one knew why. She was at a loss for energy, and found herself irritated and lethargic most of the time. She saw many physicians but none of them could diagnose what was wrong with her.

One day her and her husband met a Dr. Costa Deir while they were at church. By coincidence he was also a medical doctor and naturopath. Then things all of a sudden changed for the better. She was diagnosed as having Toxemia or poisons throughout her body. Dr. Lynn Tan then started using common sense, homeopathic simple principles to start detoxing her body, like eating the right types of foods. In a few short months, her health suddenly took a turn for the better. As some people get better using homeopathic remedies that traditional medicine couldn’t seem to help her with, is where her inspiration came to start Newlife Malaysia came from.

The philosophy of Newlife Malaysia is Good Health and Good Wealth without compromise. The business which was founded in 1993 was mainly setup for the founders family consumption. When they realized they could help thousands of people, they opened the business to the public and started a Network Marketing Compensation Plan. Upon browsing their website, I noticed they carry a pretty nice array of products. The main categories are Health Food, Herbal & Detox, Vitamins & Minerals, Personal & Family Care, Annemarie Borland Products and Nutritional Books.

As of this moment, with our current eating habits we are destroying our health and the health of our children by not eating the right foods. Small children are now getting diseases like diabetis that only adults use to get. Medical Facilities are filled with people with diseases and ailments and in too many cases medical doctors don’t have logical answers. With better eating habits, these diseases could easily be circumvented. It’s a childs right to be healthy and a responsibility of parents to keep them healthy. This is the main philosophy behind Newlife Malaysia. They want to not only supply you with the proper nutrients and foods but educate you on how to eat properly to live a higher quality of life.

Just by a quick glance I estimate the company sells about 100 products in all. This information wasn’t on their main site, but another website that collects leads for this company said it was a Infinity Depth (Hybrid) Pay Plan. The products are all delivered right to the customers home. To my knowledge this MLM Opportunity is only open to the people in Malaysia.

This isn’t the fanciest MLM Website I’ve seen by a long shot, but the owners have established credibility with me due to how long they have been in business and their personal experiences in health and searching for homeopathic remedies. I can personally relate to this myself and I’m sure many who read this can in one way or the other as well.