BodyCombat 47 Review

BodyCombat 47 is the latest cardio non-contact combat sport from the les mills stable. By combining moves from all branches of combat, this class is all about technique and fatigue. But is BodyCombat 47 a good one? 

1. Dynamite (Kritikal Mass Radio Edit) – Jason Born/Love The Way You Lie (KM Hands Up Remix) – Other Ego

The warm-up has a very nice beat to it and is a clear evolution from previous releases. Simple shuffles, hooks, crosses are combined in a soft exercise to warm-up the upper body. I like it.

The leg opener introduces a Kung Fu posture that is present throughout this release, a nice and intense move. I’m not particularly fond of the rap parts of the song but it’s still a solid warm-up overall.

2. Let me hear you scream – Kartsy wolfbain

This song is all about Kung Fu and staying low to the ground – you kinda have to because the geography looks silly if you don’t. Guideline in this song is the simple cross-move with front hand defense; the retracting while punching requires utmost concentration. Not a big fan of the song or the moves.

3. Make you mine – Lisa Lowe & bambam

Song 3 looks a lot like the one found in BodyCombat 46. A simple move intensifies until a big combo emerges containing hooks, crosses and jabs. The great tune makes this workout a pleasant one, but the constant repeats are boring, despite taking a noticeable hit on fatigue.

4. Fire – Scooter

Scooter is back in Les mills’ BodyCombat and it’s accompanied by amazing moves. The knee – jump knee – punch 3x is a fantastic move and fits the rhythm perfectly. I love this part of the class!

5. The warriors code – Dropkick Murphys

A little ought to the fine people over in Scotland. This song is all about cardio and core ribs, while being supported by musical pipes till the end. The “stand in a circle opposite each other” may not be for everyone’s cup of tea but it does make the class more intense. Overall I find the song a bit too “screamy” and I’m not too keen on the circle idea either.

6. Feels like a prayer (clubstar remix) – Meck ft. Dino

Rachael explains this song as the 3 Ks: kung fu, kickboxing and karaoke! And it definitely sums it up perfectly. The song is a nice break from the usual and the moves are great for recovery. Back kicks are present to spice things up, a very powerful move. The sometimes crowded choreography can upset an instructor’s routine, so a high level of remembrance is required of teachers worldwide.

7. You’re going down – Badlands Inc.

This song is all about finishing off a potential opponent. It’s short but powerful and the “fatality” near the end is nothing short of amazing. Normally I despise songs like these but this time it works and feels pretty good.

8. Release me – Linzi Paul

Compared to last quarter’s exercise this final battle feels easy. A lot of uppers are present here; an easy move for experienced combaters. On the flip side the song is pretty nice and it helps me to save strength for song 9.

9. Beautiful monster (full vocal la la sessica mix) – Mick lion

I love the core strengthening exercise in BodyCombat 47. It’s all about doing the hover with little variations. After 1.30 minutes (!) the beats changes to introduce a set of 16 push-ups. Then, instead of enjoying a break, Les Mills wants us to go back into the hover for an additional minute and again 8 push-ups to finish it off. It’s a tough one but the inspiring song makes it worth the struggle. Burn abs, burn!

10. Love the way you are – Bruno mars

A great song to stretch and relax, you made it! Personally I like the song but after 12 months of listening it doesn’t offer any surprises.

All in all BodyCombat 47 is a great new release, especially the second part. Songs 4 and 9 are wonderful, but generally it seems a tad light on the cardio side, especially compared to release 46. And because of this combaters may approach this release with mixed emotion.

bodycombat 47 review

BodyCombat 48 Review

It seems like it was only yesterday when edition 47 came out and hit gyms worldwide. Now number 48 is already pumping to get started, and this time round it’s all about Taekwondo. So how does this release fare against the previous one? And is it the perfect recipe for a perfect beach body? BodyCombat 48 the review is here to answer all those questions for you and more.

1. In my Head/Airplanes (Kris McTwain Remix Edit) – Henry Blank/Groove Chasers

The warm up starts with easy combos and shuffles moves. There is definitely no jack in the box here, as it’s all easy and predictable. The song is awesome and continues the recent tradition of modern warming up songs.

The warming up for the legs start very unusually with an extended period of stretches, after which the usual returns with knees, followed by sidekicks and ending with roundhouse kicks. ‘Airplanes’ is a great song, again modern, that fits the moves perfectly. Overall this warming-up is clean and modern; I like it.

2. Smooth Criminal – Badlands Inc

Michael Jackson in the house! Song 2 starts with a small combo but quickly turns into something more complex. From here on the release really starts to get technical and leg heavy. The song is great and moves are fantastic. Especially the shuffle -roundhouse – backfist – shuffle – knee – kick combo. It’s a very difficult one though and will definitely challenge newcomers.

3. We Dance On – Subz Project

The beginning is the total opposite of what BodyCombat is all about, but it’s a welcome change from the usual. When the beats kicks in, so do the moves. Simple double jabs and crosses are stitched together by advanced stepping moves that come straight from this release’s theme Taekwondo. Unlike the previous release, this time I actually look forward to songs 2 and 3.

4. Come In Hard (Don’t Like Rock ‘N’ Roll) – Hardknox

This song reminds me of song 6 in BodyCombat 46. It’s all about legs and technique. The lunge – kick – lunge – kick move really challenges the balance. The end of each set is accompanied by many continues sidekicks, again very difficult. The song isn’t particularly my cup of tea, but it fits the mood greatly.

5. If I Were You – Breeze & Ritmen

Finally the legs get some rest as we continue with the second power training. The techno song is all but surprising, as are the moves. Although there’s an unusual amount of uppers and leg crosses in his power training.

6. Drummer Boy (MoDrums Remix) – Alesha Dixon

This song is awesome and has to be one of the coolest intros ever in a BodyCombat class. It starts slow with the balance doing donuts as we attempt 8 (!) constant sidekicks. I like to think of this choreography as a 360-leg training. Front kicks, back kicks and sidekicks are shuffled till the end. This is a classic in my book.

7. The Last Flight – Bullet For My Valentine

This is like the sequel of song 7 in the previous BodyCombat. It’s a fast pop/rock song with lots of elbows. I like this song a little better than the previous one, so it’s another plus for me.

8. Everywhere (Breeze & UFO Remix) – Master Blaster

The final power training has arrived. I always love song 8s that are popular pop/rock songs gone techno. This is again the case in BodyCombat 48, although there’ve definitely been better ones in the past. The main combo is now left – right – left (and reverse). The singles near the end are just long enough to make you feel fatigued and satisfied.

9. The Time (Dirty Bit) – Red Beans & Rice

This song consists of 3 sets, the final one being push-ups. The song is a hit or miss but personally I like it because I’m a fan of Dirty Dancing. They’ve really focused on toning the lower abdominals, as visible by the slow leg extensions that make up most of the song. It’s very tough, but maybe more accessible than the previous solution. The end is fantastic, like Dan says: “Wait for Dirty Bit.”

10. The Silence (New Single Mix) – Alexandra Burke

The cooling down inherits two moves from Yoga; the pigeon and downward facing dog. It finishes with a truly awesome and peaceful Taekwondo move. The song is rather unknown and gets the job done.

BodyCombat 48 is an awesome release and I love it. The songs are way better than 47s, and the moves were never this technical (for the last 5 releases at least). Yet this may be exactly what drags it down, as it’s not the most newcomer friendly of releases. Those possible pit falls will have to be sorted/analysed later though, because from what I can see this release is epic.

bodycombat 48 review