Review Of The Top Ten Essences Of Tai Chi

1/ LIFT THE HEAD TO RAISE THE SPIRIT: This is the number one Essences, both in the sequence and importance. If your posture is stooped or you are looking down all the time, you cannot lift your spirit. We all know the phrase “walk tall”. It is true in Tai Chi and life in general. If your head is up, then your spirit rises and you become stronger inside. If you ever watch a Tai Chi Master, it will seem as if they are able to look at every person in the room. This is because the first essence is in place and they have a strong spirit.

2/ LOWER THE SHOULDERS TO SINK THE ELBOWS: Everything in Tai Chi is connected to Yin and Yang. If you lift your head, it must be complemented by a downward energy. This is sinking your shoulders. Tension will cause your shoulders to rise, so if you can relax your shoulders, you will start to reduce the amount of tension locked in your body. When your shoulders relax, your breathing pattern will alter because of the decreased pressure on your lungs.

3/ CURVE THE BACK AND SOFTEN THE CHEST: As your shoulders relax, your back should become slightly rounded to soften your chest. This is the opposite of standing to attention, army style. The lung meridian will be able to do its work more easily, and your breathing will sink.

4/ LOOSEN THE WAIST: As your breathing sinks, so will your centre of gravity. Less energy is being wasted through being locked up in the upper part of your body. When this change takes place, you will be able to start feeling the movements from your Tan Tien point (on your abdomen). The Tan Tien will start to rotate and gather energy.

5/ SEPARATE THE SUBSTANTIAL FROM THE INSUBSTANTIAL: When you start to feel movement from the Tan Tien, it will seem obvious that your legs should not be double-weighted. For even Tai Chi movement, your weight is continually transferring from one leg to the other (substantial to insubstantial).

6/ CO-ORDINATE THE UPPER AND LOWER BODY: When you have understood the idea of double weight, you will start to examine other co-ordinations. The next thing to look at is whether your upper body is working in time with your lower body. If your legs finish a push before your arms, there is no upper and lower body co-ordination.

7/ CONTINUITY IN MOVEMENT: When your upper and lower body are coordinated, your movement will naturally become continuous. If your arms or legs stop at any point, then check your co-ordinations. The Tai Chi movement should be one continuous flow.

8/ UNITE MIND WITH BODY: If your Tai Chi movement has become continuous, you then need to co-ordinate what you understand about the applications with the movements. If the intent of your mind is coordinated with your Tai Chi frame, you will understand this.

9/ USE MIND NOT FORCE: At this stage, you will have learned how to co-ordinate your intent with the movement. Energy is moved by intent with the movement. Energy is moved by intent, so when you can unify your intent with your body, you can unify your Energy with your intent. This is how you use mind instead of force.

10/ SEEK STILLNESS IN MOTION AND MOTION WITHIN STILLNESS: This is an extremely high level of Tai Chi. It means that you can perform all of the co-ordinations in the Ten Essences and not have to send your systems into overload trying to remember it all. It is the same as watching a master craftsman working alongside his apprentice. They may be doing the same job,but the Master will seem effortless in his endeavours.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Treats Acne

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been around for more than 2000 years and is effective at treating several skin conditions including acne. Acne is a skin condition that affects approximately 60% of the American population. Although the cause of acne is unknown, genetic predisposition and hormonal changes are believed to be related to the cause of acne skin conditions. Acne is more prevalent in males and can be aggravated by sweating, oral contraceptives, poor skin hygiene, cosmetics, face creams, exercise, and lack of sunlight. Traditional Chinese philosophy believes that an imbalance in the body, mind or spirit can cause physical symptoms of disease. The TCM believes that an excess of internal heat and dampness causes acne and the symptoms of acne. To alleviate acne you must clear the heat and drain the dampness from the body.

Heat can be caused by different sources such as our over consumption of stimulating foods, hormonal changes, physical activity, inability for blood to clean toxins, agitated thoughts, hot weather, or imbalance of qi. Heat can appear as inflammation, over stimulation, and hyperactivity and is reflected on the skin through rashes, pimples, infections, and redness. Dampness is excess water in the tissues of the body. Dampness can be caused by water accumulation in the digestive tract, excess oil, fatty, cold or raw foods, irregular eating habits, insufficient sweating, damp environment, and insufficient heat. Bacteria, fungus and viruses thrive in excessively damp environments even in the body. Dampness can be reflected through the skin as swelling, cysts, pimples, pus, and fluid discharge.

A traditional Chinese herbalist should be consulted when determining which Chinese herbal supplements to take to clear up your acne. Although there are minimal side effects, you will not see the results you want by indulging in every Chinese herb on the market. Specific concoctions of herbs will work for certain people. An herbalist will determine which concoction of herbs is right for each individual person and their specific symptoms. TCM can use leaves, flowers, fruit, bark, minerals and roots from plants in their acne treatments. There are several different ways to take herbs in decoctions or teas, powders, tinctures, pills, syrups, and plasters. Here are some specific herbs that have been used in TCM for thousands of years to treat acne. If you experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or a skin rash after taking herbal supplements, stop taking them immediately and consult your herbalist.

Cai Feng Zhen Zhu an Chuang Wan/ Margarite Acne Pills: This is an excellent remedy to clear up acne. This product comes ina pill form and is used to clear heat, expel toxins, cool the blood, and regenerate skin cells. Some of its ingredients include Pearl, Honeysuckle Flower, Dandelion Herb, Glehniz Root, Chinese Foxglove Root, Ningpo Figwort Root, Chinese Rhubarb Root and Lucid Gannoderma Sclerotium.

Jin Yin Hua/ Honeysuckle- Can be used in conjunction with chrysanthemum and dandelion to clear excess heat in the blood and stomach. It is a great detoxifier and increases perspiration. It can be consumed as an infusion or applied externally to the skin.

Dandelion Root- Is a blood cleanser which stimulates liver function to cleanse the body. Dandelion root should be drunk in a tea by mixing 2-3 teaspoons of dried dandelion to 1 cup of water. Dandelion leaves can also be eaten in a salad, which aid in digestion but only 2 leaves should be eaten daily.

Dahurian Angelica- Reduces swelling and expels dampness from the body. Should be drunk in a tea by mixing 1 ounce of dried root into 1 pint of water or can be consumed as 1/2 teaspoon diluted in 1 cup water. This root can also be combined with Chrysanthemum and drank.

Skullcap- Clears heat as well as damp heat. Drank as a tea. Combine 1 ounce dried root to 1 pint of water.

Burdock Root- Cleans the blood by detoxifying the body. Acts as an anti-inflammatory. Should be applied topically.

Spica Prunellae/ Prunella Spike- Common herb found in TCM. Boil 1 ounce of dried herb in 1 pint of water. Add honey and drink daily.

Other herbs used in TCM to treat acne include neem, chaste tree berry, chamomile, sarsaparilla, milk thistle, yellow dock, Echinacea root, loquat leaf, rehmania root, moutan bark, forsythia fruit, peach kernel, safflower, Stellaria Root, Purslane, and peppermint.

H Miracle Reviews From Users: Truth About a Hemorrhoid Miracle Treatment

There are hundreds of hemorrhoids home treatments out there but there is no other treatment as popular as the H Miracle system. H Miracle reviews from actual users all say that despite the controversies that surround the product, H Miracle really works fast. This article intends to give an unbiased review about this so-called “miracle treatment” for hemorrhoids, and to answer the frequently asked questions about H Miracle.

To date, the product has already helped thousands of people worldwide and 96.4% of them have proven that H Miracle offers the most powerful formula that gets rid of hemorrhoids and keeps hemorrhoids from recurring. However, regardless of the success stories of many former hemorrhoid patients cured by H Miracle, still there are a few who are somewhat skeptical about the product, thinking that it’s only a scam.

What is H Miracle and why do some people think it is a scam?

H Miracle is an eBook written by Holly Hayden who is a former sufferer of recurring hemorrhoids. As a result of her extensive research on herbal medicines, she discovered a powerful formula or concoction of different herbs, fruits and vegetables that can get rid of hemorrhoids fast. It was introduced in 2008 and in less than a year, it has become the leading hemorrhoids treatment online.

One thing that also needs to be clarified about this product is that it does not offer a treatment ready for application. Rather, it is an eBook that offers a step-by-step guide on how to prepare a mixture that can miraculously heal hemorrhoids and that discusses some other natural ways that can also provide relief to hemorrhoid patients.

To answer the question why some people think it is a scam, the main reason is because the product is purchased online. While it is true that there are plenty of scam sites today, fact is, the sale of H Miracle is backed by ClickBank, a reputable online payment processing company. Another reason why some people are skeptical about this product is that it talks about an “unconventional” hemorrhoid treatment formula. Ironically, this formula has helped cure thousands of hemorrhoid patients around the world.

Are there any disadvantages of using H Miracle?

According to H Miracle reviews from actual users, the only disadvantage with regard to this product is that it does not offer a treatment ready for application. So, in order to create the miracle treatment, users of this product have to seek first the ingredients needed to create the mixture. The good news is that the ingredients are available at a local market. Another thing about this product that a few users find a sort of disadvantage is that the product is not available at local stores. This is mainly because the eBook is interactive. What is good about this, however, is that H Miracle offers 24/7 customer support, something that one can’t get from buying at local stores.

What is in the H Miracle package? Is it really worth the price?

Most H miracle reviews from actual users of the product say that H Miracle is indeed worth its price. The eBook is available at $37, but it comes with many bonuses. In addition to the H Miracle eBook, buyers also get the following eBooks: “Alternative Remedies” ( valued at $120.00), Lessons from Miracle Doctors ($29.95), “Classic of Natural Health” by Dr. Henry Lindlahr ($49.95), and “How to Ease Your Allergies” ($39.95).