A Rescue That Can Work When All Others Have Failed

I have long believed that rising medical costs in America are caused by the pharmaceutical industry, health insurance companies, medical practitioners and the AMA.

That opinion was confirmed and then some when I read Dr. Fred Hollingsworth new book, “Dr. Fred’s Health Care Rescue: The Real Solution to Health Care. ” We already know how the pharmaceutical companies inflate prices beyond reason for unreasonable profits.

Hollingsworth also tells us how doctors contributing to rising prices by ordering several unnecessary expensive tests, prescribe unnecessary expensive drugs, and perform costly surgeries when Hollingsworth writes with conviction and truth when he describes the Great Healthcare War against forces that can provide better, safer more effective treatment at far less cost, including the Alternative Health Movement, Orthomolecular Medicine, and Complementary Medicine among others. He smashes myths about ill health and early aging, and details the lack of fair competition caused by repressed freedom. He issues a ringing, clear call for patients to launch a fight for their medical freedom.

The author summarizes the need for this fight in the book when he writes “Results of repressed freedom and unfair competition in the health care field include high costs of health care from inflated costs of drugs, high fees of some physicians, and high hospital and other bills which are sometimes padded fraudulently because the patient is not paying bill directly.”

Almost all health reform efforts in America have not succeeded because they have not enrolled patients in the effort. Fred Hollingswoth’s call for patients to challenge lawmakers to do what is right and needed makes a whole lot of sense. In fact, it makes so much sense I believe all patients should read “Dr. Fred’s Health Care Rescue.”

A Volume Pills vs Semenax Review

Male enhancement is a thriving business. Herbal supplements are fast becoming the path that many men choose to increase semen production, therefore increasing sexual pleasure. But how do these supplements really work? What is the science behind them? In order to answer those questions and more, it is a good idea to do a side by side comparison on two of the most recognizable products: Volume Pills vs Semenax.

The Volume Pills supplements have an array of herbs, herbal compounds and zinc oxide that comprises its ingredient list. Many of the components have been backed by years of being used during the practice of holistic or natural medicine. It seems that all of the ingredients are researched and chosen specifically for male enhancement. The ingredients are geared towards enhancing blood flow to the penis, increasing testosterone production and even helping increase sexual desire. Putting all of that together leads to more semen production and therefore a better male orgasm.

For this to be a fair Volume Pills Vs. Semenax review, taking a look at Semenax is also something that needs to be done. The ingredients in Semenax are noticeably different than the ingredient list for Volume Pills, In fact, only one ingredient makes it on to both lists and that is zinc oxide, which is a sperm motility enhancer. Both products also offer discreet shipping and also state that they are made in cGMP-compliant pharmaceutical facilities.

If you are a guy and are wondering about the benefits of Volume Pills Vs. Semenax, then reviewing the ingredient list will probably be the best way to figure out which one works. All male enhancement products are different and what may work for one man certainly won’t work for all men. Consulting the ingredient list will be the first step in finding out which one might be best for you. It is interesting to note that Volume Pills has a 6 month money back guarantee but Semenax only has a 60 day money back guarantee. Volume Pills also has medical professional related endorsements, whereas Semenax doesn’t seem to.

Finding the best male enhancement program can be a difficult thing to do, but finding one that has a great refund policy, medical endorsements and the most comprehensive testimonials would probably be the smartest decision.

No Doubt That Dr. Mark Stengler Knows His Stuff, But Is High Energy For Life All It Claims to Be?

There’s no doubt that Dr. Mark Stengler has released some fantastic products in the past, but is High Energy For Life a great product?

Let us to the research for you, and delve into the details of this program to review how great it really is.

Dr. Mark Stengler is widely known as America’s Natural Doctor, and spends time helping patients in his California clinic using both standard and alternative medicine methods, believing in giving the greatest treatment needed for each specific patient.

He is also a best-selling author, topping the lists with 3 popular books “The Natural Physician’s Healing Therapies”, “Prescription for Natural Cures”, and “Prescription for Drug Alternatives.”

In addition to practicing and writing, he also participates in a weekly tv show with his wife, Dr. Angela Stengler, “Dr. Stengler’s Natural Healing.”

Patients from all over have been so impressed with his skills they’ve taken a moment to provide statement on his website describing their experiences. These reviews are all highly favorable.

With this in mind, he just launched a new program called High Energy For Life- a 5-week online coaching program that promises to sky-rocket your energy levels by tackling ailments usually affecting our energy, such as hormone imbalances and weight issues.

Pick 10 people out of a crowd, and 8 of them are dealing with an ailment of some kind at any given time; some as everyday as a simple cold, others much more complex. Whatever the problem is, it always manifests itself initially as feeling “blah”- low energy.

High Energy For Life will be offering online coaching, downloadable mp3’s, and action plans for every week of the course for you to get the most out of it!

Nothing travels faster than word of mouth, and so Dr. Stengler and his team will be offering stellar bonuses to their customers to get the word out on how fantastic it really is!

Once I decided to look at the product for review, I was expecting a run of the mill program. Now, I’m convinced that it’s a fantastic product; plan on using it myself, and also plan on buying early so I can get some of those bonuses!

The fact that the program is less than 200$ is amazing. Other program I reviewed were offering less, and were more pricey. Plus, they didn’t have Dr. Stengler behind them, whose credentials impress me.

Imagine what having high energy would do for you? It would completely change your life! You could do all the things you wish you could do, all the things you are missing out on because you are too tired every day.

We all know that energy brings in more energy. Being energetic will give you more passion in your life! More vitality! More love! More laughter!

I’m convinced that Dr. Mark Stengler is not only a great physician in what he does, but that he truly cares about his patients and worked hard to develop a wonderful product. Now everyone has the ability to take advantage of his care, rather than those located near him, and it’s a great product to try.

The best part? It has a 30-day money back guarantee. This means you could complete practically the whole program, and if it wasn’t for you, get your money back and it’s like it never happened. NO RISK. That’s stellar!