How to Pick the Right Real Estate Agent for You

Whether you’re buying or selling your home, it’s important to have an agent that has your best interests in mind. While most agents would do a fine job, you can save stress, time and perhaps money if you take extra time to find the right real estate agent for you. There are a few simple things you can do to ensure you’ll be working with someone who can listen to your needs, be trustworthy and will either find the perfect home or sell yours hassle-free.

When buying a home, a large amount of people will call about a listing they see advertised in a magazine or flyer. What this does is bind you to the agency that represents that listing. While you can always refuse their service and look elsewhere, you’re likely to let them offer to find you a home. This leaves you with an agency that you’ve done no research on. Instead, decide on an agency and then look at the homes they have listed.

In both buying and selling it’s important to hire an agent who understands your needs and demands. Make sure the real estate representative you’re interviewing is actually listening to your selling points or buying criteria. If they’re constantly offering counter points that deviate too far from your ideas, it might not be a good fit. Along with an ability to listen, it’s important to hire someone who is trustworthy. This can be a little more difficult to assess, especially when the relationship is new, but pay careful attention to how they present their arguments and ideas. If they’re changing slightly each time, it might be a clue that you can’t place your full trust in this representative.

If you aren’t sure where to look or get started, ask a friend for a referral. While this shouldn’t be your only criteria for hiring a real estate agency, it can point you in the right direction. Once you have a list of agencies that your friends have enjoyed working with, you can do further research and speak with some of the agents about your interest.

We’re all busy people these days, and hiring a real estate agent that can’t reconcile her schedule to meet yours is a headache. Before committing to an agency or representative make sure they can meet with you regularly and are available to talk most of the time. The last thing you need when you’re selling or buying a home, is to play phone-tag with your agent.

Lastly, when interviewing an agent or agency, ask why they’re going to go the extra mile for you and why you should choose them. A reputable agency should want the best for their client and will likely respond with an answer reflecting that idea. If they demonstrate a keen interest in meeting your needs swiftly and easily, it’s likely a good fit and once you’ve found the right match you can find your dream home or sell yours to move onto your next adventure.