My Own Experience And Reviews About Refluxamine

I was finally forced to visit my family doctor in the latter part of 2006 due to the increasing attacks of acid reflux, especially during the night. Acid reflux is where the stomach acid comes back up the esophagus and into the mouth, causing a burning sensation in the throat. The condition reached a stage where I was taking antacid tablets up to five times a night.

I have had acid reflux for several years now and medically managing it with Prilosec. Over the past several months I had been noticing that the reflux was becoming worse so I added Pepcid AC at night and more recently doubled my dose of Prilosec as I was having obvious symptoms of esophagitis. My family doctor also put me on lansoprazole, a proton pump inhibitor. After a month it stopped the acid reflux. I thought I was cured. But three weeks after finishing the course of tablets, the reflux returned and I started to suffer heartburn, which I had never experienced before. Also my whole digestive system started to slow down, and I became constipated. My colon remains sensitive to this day. Then I go back to my family doctor, he suggested Refluxamine, a natural acid reflux relief. I started Refluxamine about few weeks ago and while I am still taking all my antacid meds, my esophagitis symptoms are now gone, as well as the side effect of antacid and lansoprazole. I am continuing on Refluxamine now. It sure would be great if I could gradually wean off all the antacids like Prilosec and Pepcid AC.

One thing I like about Refluxamine is that it only took a few days to see a positive result of starting on the product. Also, since Refluxamine is made with all-natural ingredients and no harmful steroids, fillers, or chemicals, it is pretty safe to take on a regular basis, according to my physician. As first I am afraid my blood pressure will rise since Refluxamine contains Licorice, but my physician assured that it will not affect my blood pressure to abnormal level.