LifeWave Reviews – MLM

LifeWave is a company which is related to network marketing and has been around for just a little more than 5 years. It is based is California and has been formed by David Schmidt who is now the CEO of the company. The company is making waves in the Multi Level Marketing industry despite the short amount of time since its inception, and has a global presence in countries like Hungary, Taiwan and the Philippines.

The LifeWave Company offers many products which essentially concentrate on enhancing the human body, and it also offers LifeWave plus homeopathic medicine. The products offered are skin patches which are non-transdermal and so are not invasive. These patches are placed on the human body on certain points called Acupoints. The patches are then said to communicate with the body and accomplish several purposes. The flagship product of the LifeWave Company is the SP6 patch, which is the weight loss patch. Other such patches include the energy patch to increase energy, an Icewave patch to provide relief from pain, a patch to prevent aging called the Y-Age patch and a patch to provide a good nights rest called the Silent Nights patch. These patches work on the principle of acupuncture and use Nanoparticles to stimulate energy in the body.

The patches offered by the LifeWave Company are endorsed by many athletes and thousands of doctors. So the affectivity and euthenics of the patches cannot be doubted according to these people. The amount of people using these patches is always growing and is a testimonial to the popularity of the product. But, unfortunately, there are many comments on the internet which call the products sold by the company a scam and a hoax. The patches may or may not be legit, but the patches certainly do not have a harmful effect on the human body.

The LifeWave Company provides a business opportunity to anyone interested, and is similar to the offers made by other MLM companies. There are four ways to earn money through the LifeWave Company. The interested distributors can sell products through a website, can sell the products directly, can build a network of distributors which works by the binary compensation system and also they can earn money by bringing in new members to join in the company. To sign up with LifeWave, a person has to be referred to by a pre existing distributor. So, signing up without a reference is not possible, and this is a very shrewd move on the part of the company. This creates an air of exclusivity for any potential new distributors.

The reasons that make LifeWave such a successful company have to be studied and the right lessons have to be learnt from these reasons. Randy Chambliss is one person who is best placed to delve into the reasons and come out with tips that are easy to understand and implement. Using his tips it is certainly possible to create a Multi Level Marketing enterprise on the lines of LifeWave and get the same amount of success.