GNC Phyto-Estrogen Formula Review For Women

Hitting menopause can be a stressful time with a lot of discomfort and unwelcome distractions from a woman’s hectic daily life. Many supplements and menopause aids claim to help reduce symptoms and return your body to a comfortable state. GNC Phyto-estrogen formula is a supplement claiming to do just that.

GNC along with many other supplements on the market boast a collective of effective and famous ingredients. One of these ingredients is black cohosh. Black cohosh stems originally from Chinese medicine and is used as a replacement of estrogen, which the body often can significantly lack during menopause. Research shows that the active ingredients can help minimize hot flashes by 57% and help ease intensity by 38%. Black cohosh is used all over the world for many different reasons but a very important reason is to regulate a healthy female reproductive system.

Another ingredient that Phyto-Estrogen Formula contains is evening primrose. This ingredient contains a large amount of the fatty acid GLA and is known to help regulate hormone levels. This is a very important factor in menopause and as a part of this supplement as theoretically more estrogen is being created by black cohosh and in tandem, evening primrose is perfectly balancing the subsequent amounts. Evening primrose is a very well known and widely used supplement in many forms. It is also used for the treatment of acne, headaches, heart-disease, hyperactivity, PMS weigh gain and schizophrenia.

The third prominent ingredient is soy isoflavones. Soy is an extract that is often found in Asian medicine for a number of different problems. Research has found that women in Asian countries often have little to no symptoms of menopause at all. This suggests that regular consumption of the bean and its properties must have some effect on the body that counteracts the process it encounters during menopause. Soy also helps balance hormones before and after menopause

Other ingredients of Phyto-Estrogen Formula are vitamin b6, vitamin b12, calcium and magnesium. These ingredients should further promote general health and strength in the body. The theory behind this improvement of health is that more energy is then available to fight menopausal symptoms instead of repairing and maintaining a strained body.

Products like Phyto-Estrogen Formula should not work overnight and do take some commitment. Therefore a supplement must be taken daily to achieve the desired effects in women. Like most menopausal supplements, GLC provides their aid in a pill form.