Does Provestra Really Work? An Uncensored and Unrestricted Review on Its Disadvantages

I have been asking the question “Does provestra really work?” for more times than I could ever care to count when I was in my lowest point in life.

As a nurse, I knew I could treat my low libido problem with medicines and expensive treatments but I decided to go all natural. Follow along and I will tell you about it.

I must warn you though; this short review will cover the good things as well as the bad ones. So if you’re not looking for this kind of review, you might as well be better off moving along.

When I was at my all time lowest point in life, the problem of having low female libido really affected me to the point of having at least an inch away from having marital break-up. I knew my family, my future and my kids will be affected so I finally decided to do something about it.

I researched the internet and print magazines for female libido enhancers. I tried a brand called Hersolution which was a gel, but it wasn’t that effective. I also tried a product called Nymphomax which I blamed for my subsequent headaches. Along the way, I tested five products and none of them was effective enough.

I was about to give up on everything. I was so desperate that I asked my senior colleagues about my problem and ask them for advice. One of them, a Filipino nurse colleague of mine recommended Provestra.

After a couple of days using it, I really noticed the huge difference in my mood. I was always “game”. When my husband and I tried doing it the first time after a few weeks of disengagements, he was surprised to say the least. The change in me was dramatic, on and off the bedroom.

So here are some downsides of this product:

-It should have been better if it came in smaller tablets. This product came in a rather large pill which made me get a half filled glass of water each time I take it.

-Although on a personal level, I would’ve wanted Provestra to be much more advertised so more women will know about it. All women should be spared from the burden I once had.

– It should have come in bigger packs. I wanted to get a bigger pack that can last for at least 3 months, but they don’t have it. So stacking your supplies ahead of time will be wise.